Leo's Beef

Awarded Best Burger

Leos Beef has achieved the status of the best burger in Chicago in 2004. The burgers are seasoned well enough, and every bite is endeavoring. Our burgers have made the cut in the new world and have achieved a special place for our quality hamburgers. Our burgers are made with precisely eighty-one percent of ground beef, which is medium-rare and is grilled on a flat grill for the consuming flavor.


Jamil starts his career in 1978 as a kitchen team member with Nick’s Gyros in Chicago. He was the most important member of the team, he gained many experiences during his career for many years, within the years he started making Leo’s special seasoning.
In 2003, Jamil performed his new restaurant called Los Beef, and as it was said, one of the customers of this restaurant told the competent authorities in Fox News that Leo’s beef has the best burger in Chicago 2005, The fox news worked on anatomy Leo’s Beef by entering a competition Best burger in Chicago. Fox News sent the specialists team secretly as returning customers to buy hamburgers. A few weeks later fox news team surprised Mr. Jamil by winning the best burger 2005 in Chicago by fox news.
Leo’s beef expends of opening another location in Alsip, IL happily customers from all Chicago area tastes the best burger in Chicago.
2018 Mr. Jameel retired and worked to satisfy the customer’s events desire for his Burger, Italian beef, and Beef Ribs by calling or E-mail.

What people say?

The burger was a quarter ponder. "Everything" was grilled onions, mustard, ketchup and pickles. The meat seemed fresh and had a distinct oniony flavor.
The burger definitely warrants a trip if you live nearby; however I would pass on a further trip.

Leo's Beef Burger

“Leo’s beef burger small and bald, mostly bland, sloppy almost fat free seasoned with Leo’s seasons, grilled, topped with Parmesan cheese served on freshly baked buns have been Leo’s special.”

Leo's Italian Beef

“Leo’s Italian beef is freshly cooked and seasoned with Italian Leo’s spices and herbs. The extinguished flavor is seared and served with the seasoned gravy. The additional Leo’s homemade sweet or hot peppers can enhance the character of the savoring meet.”

Leo's Beef Ribs

“Leo’s prime beef ribs are delicately seasoned with browned butter and herbs, and are then braised in the oven. Leo’s BBQ Sauce are savored with deliciously baked potato and toasted garlic slices. The traditional recipe of ours is as tempting as the current times.”

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